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International engagement scales to meet global interest in Worldcoin

The Worldcoin launch brought rapid global attention to the challenge of proving personhood in a world with advanced AI and an estimated 4 billion people lacking a legal, digitally-verifiable identity.

Now, the teams and companies contributing to Worldcoin are hitting the road to meet with regulators, researchers, developers and other members of the growing international community. These meetings are designed to help answer questions, demystify the project and provide onramps for greater participation in the global economy while preserving individual privacy. 

International engagement scales to meet global interest 

Alex Blania, co-founder of Worldcoin and CEO of Tools for Humanity (TFH), is set to visit a number of countries to talk about the project. 

These stops include Africa and Asia, where he will speak, among other engagements, alongside fellow Worldcoin project co-founder Sam Altman at Token2049 and attend a panel discussion at the Web3 Transitions Summit. He will then return to North America for further community meetings and a fireside chat at Messari Mainnet 2023

TFH head of product Tiago Sada will also be hitting the road in September to speak at Permissionless II in Austin.

Other upcoming events that will feature participation from members from TFH and/or the Worldcoin Foundation, along with opportunities to learn more about the project and experience the Orb, include:

  • ETH Warsaw
  • ETHGlobal NYC
  • ETHOnline

Demand for World ID and World App increases post launch

For the Worldcoin project and its contributors, a promising possible solution to the challenge of proving personhood is World ID: a global identity protocol powered by the Worldcoin ecosystem with the aim to not only preserve but enhance personal privacy.

In the weeks following the launch, demand for World ID verification surged worldwide. At its peak, one unique World ID was being verified less than every 8 seconds. Some individual countries, such as Argentina, saw as many as 9.5K verifications in a single day. 

The same is true for downloads of World App, the first wallet created for the Worldcoin project. TFH, which developed and operates World App, reported a 3X increase in weekly active users and a 10X increase in weekly account creations in the week following launch. On August 28th, the app processed over 500K transactions—a new record and a testament to the scalability of the ecosystem.

In conjunction with this rapid rise in global demand, Worldcoin marked several milestones this summer including the completion of its migration to OP Mainnet, the public rollout of the World ID software development kit and the publication of important security audit reports.

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