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Demand for World ID leads to single day sign-up record in crypto-forward Argentina

Argentina is regarded as one of the world’s leading countries for blockchain innovation and crypto adoption. That reputation was reinforced in August, as demand for World ID in Argentina drove a new single day record for Orb verifications.

For context, World ID is a global identity protocol powered by the Worldcoin ecosystem. It uses a proof of personhood (PoP) credential issued by a custom biometric imaging device called the Orb to enable people to digitally prove their uniqueness and humanness. Anyone can use World ID without providing personal information such as names, email addresses, phone numbers, social profiles, etc.

On top of its privacy-preserving features, World ID plays an important role in Worldcoin’s mission to increase access to the global economy and serve the more than 4 billion people worldwide who lack a legal, digitally-verifiable identity. 

One of the World’s most “crypto-forward” countries

During his fireside conversation on the Ethereum Argentina Mainnet Stage on Friday, August 18, Worldcoin project co-founder and CEO of Tools for Humanity Alex Blania was asked specifically about Argentina and its positive response to innovative crypto projects like Worldcoin:

“I think the first major thing that stands out is that Argentina specifically is one of the most crypto-forward countries in the world,” said Blania. “People are much more sensitive and much more understanding of the fundamental principles of crypto. It’s a combination of having a very technologically advanced country in general and then also a crypto-forward country specifically, which makes it an explosive building ground for the next wave of innovation in this space.”


To date, Worldcoin’s Orbs have been available in four cities in Argentina: Buenos Aires, Mar del Plata, Cordoba and Mendoza. 

A new single-day record for verified humans

Following the launch of the Worldcoin project on July 24, 2023, there was a significant increase in demand for World ID verifications in countries around the world. This continued into August, which saw 9.5K Argentinians verify their World ID in a single day. That’s one verified human in Argentina every 9 seconds. 

The demand also led World App, the first wallet created for the Worldcoin project, to temporarily become the number one app in Argentina on the App Store. 


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