Be a Worldcoin Operator

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What is a Worldcoin Operator?

As a Worldcoin Operator, you earn money for everyone you sign up with an Orb. To be successful, you’ll need to build a team, figure out where to run your operations and get people excited about starting their crypto journey.

Build your team

Find people who are excited about Worldcoin and can share that enthusiasm with others.

Find a great location

Shopping mall, university, beach? Set up your operations in a place with lots of people.

Earn money

Get rewarded for every user you sign up. The more engaged they are, the more you’ll earn.

How do I get started?

Fill out the application form and we will be in touch. If all goes well, we will send you an Orb and you can begin building your operations!


We just need some basic info, you'll be done in under a minute!


We’ll schedule a time to chat with you and hear about your plans.

03.Receive an Orb

If approved, we’ll provide basic training and send you an Orb within a few days.

04.Start Operating

Once you receive your Orb, you’ll be ready to go and start building your operations!

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