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For a more human approach to welcoming everyone to the Worldcoin protocol.

The Role

Operators and their teams educate, provide important information, and assist individuals in securely verifying their World ID using the Orb. Every Worldcoin Operator is a local business owner or entrepreneur and is often a person’s very first human point of contact with Worldcoin. This makes them uniquely positioned to help increase access to digital identity and digital finance in their local communities.

In addition to being passionate about Worldcoin’s mission, the most successful Worldcoin Operators have a strong entrepreneurial spirit and are able to build, support, and motivate teams.

Lisbon, Portugal

How to get started

Fill out the application form and we will be in touch. If all goes well, we will send you an Orb and you can begin building your operations!


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Receive an Orb

If approved, we’ll provide basic training and send you an Orb within a few days.

Start Operating

Once you receive your Orb, you’ll be ready to go and start building your operations!

Serving as a Worldcoin Operator has helped me bring people of various ages and background in my community closer to digital finance through education and access. As a Worldcoin Operator, I’ve also had the opportunity to further develop my business while providing economic and career advancements to my family, friends and former colleagues. 


Worldcoin Operator in Argentina

Being a Worldcoin Operator has had a profound impact on our lives, both personally and professionally. From a professional perspective, the experience has provided us with many opportunities for growth. We have improved our skills in education, community building, marketing and project management, and we have also developed a deeper understanding of the web3 industry.

Gonzalo and Juan, Sideline Ventures

Worldcoin Operator in Spain

Having the opportunity to become a Worldcoin Operator has been nothing short of life-changing for me, my team and our business. As builders in the space, we rarely get an opportunity to interact with a large amount of Web3-curious people in the real world.

Zac, Based App

Worldcoin Operator in Singapore