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What is a Worldcoin Operator, and how can I become one?

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Worldcoin Operators are a vital part of the Worldcoin ecosystem. 

Operators and their team members are often a person’s very first point of contact with Worldcoin. This means that they’re uniquely positioned to help increase access to digital identity and introduce digital finance in their local communities. Conversations between Operators’ teams and community members can range from the Worldcoin project and cryptocurrencies to decentralized financial systems and more.

But what exactly does a Worldcoin Operator do, and how can you become one?

What is a Worldcoin Operator? 

A Worldcoin Operator is a local business owner or entrepreneur who works to enable all individuals to participate in the global economy through Worldcoin’s highly accessible identity and financial network. 

Operators and their teams do this in multiple ways. Often they will actively engage with their community in high traffic areas, raising awareness about Worldcoin, providing important information and education and assisting individuals in securely verifying their World ID using the Orb. Operators can also operate from participating private businesses, catering to individuals who actively seek out these locations to verify their World ID using the Orb.

Locations, operating hours and other details are chosen with input from Worldcoin project contributors to ensure compliance with local laws and regulations. Such compliance is essential in order to facilitate orderly and efficient operations.


Worldcoin Operator benefits

Worldcoin Operators are compensated for every individual they sign up to participate in the Worldcoin project by securing an Orb verified World ID. 

Qualified operators have access to: 

  • Project education and best practices
  • On-the-ground support to set up their operations booth
  • Ongoing training, including mystery shopper audits
  • Custom built ops management tools to provide metrics and insights
  • Regular communication updates from Worldcoin contributor teams 

How to become a Worldcoin Operator

To become a Worldcoin Operator, a person must first have a registered local business in their country of operation. 

  • Apply
    Local business owners and entrepreneurs can apply to become a Worldcoin Operator here.
  • Interview
    The Worldcoin contributing team will review, respond to and interview qualified candidates.
  • Get onboarded
    Selected candidate businesses are taken through the onboarding process, including due diligence and verification (e.g., KYC), compliance training, data protection principles and Worldcoin project education. 
  • Secure a location
    After onboarding, new Operators go through location selection and permitting and receive a kit of materials to get started (including the Orb). Each new Operator starts with a single location and can grow from there. 
  • Begin operating
    Once new Operators have completed all required training and received the necessary hardware and materials, they’re ready to start operations!

In addition to being passionate about Worldcoin’s mission, the most successful Worldcoin Operators have a strong entrepreneurial spirit and are able to build, manage and motivate teams.

Worldcoin Operator testimonials

“Serving as a Worldcoin Operator has helped me bring people of any age and background in my community closer to digital finance through education and access. As a Worldcoin Operator, I’ve also had the opportunity to further develop my business while providing economic and career advancements to my family, friends and former colleagues.” 

  • Alejo, Worldcoin Operator in Argentina 

"Being a Worldcoin Operator has had a profound impact on our lives, both personally and professionally. From a professional perspective, the experience has provided us with many opportunities for growth. We have improved our skills in education, community building, marketing and project management, and we have also developed a deeper understanding of the web3 industry.

Our approach to being a successful Worldcoin Operator has been based on a combination of knowledge of the project, a strong sales team and a focus on organization and structure. These elements have helped us build a thriving and sustainable business."

  • Gonzalo and Juan, Sideline Ventures, Worldcoin Operator in Spain

“Having the opportunity to become a Worldcoin Operator has been nothing short of life-changing for me, my team and our business. As builders in the space, we rarely get an opportunity to interact with a large amount of Web3-curious people in the real world. 

Running our own Worldcoin orb has allowed us to pick their brains, understand what pain points future consumers might face, as well as get a glimpse of the situation on the ground.”

  • Zac, Based App, Worldcoin Operator in Singapore

Learn more

For more information about becoming a Worldcoin Operator, check out additional FAQs here

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