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What is a Worldcoin Operator, and how can I become one?

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Worldcoin Operators are a vital part of the Worldcoin ecosystem. 

Operators or members of their team are often a person’s very first point of contact with the project. This means that they’re uniquely positioned to help Worldcoin achieve its mission by introducing it to their local communities.

But what exactly does a Worldcoin Operator do, and how can you become one? 

What is a Worldcoin Operator? 

A Worldcoin Operator is a local business that works to enable all individuals to participate in the global economy through Worldcoin’s highly accessible identity and financial network. 

Operators and their teams do this by going out into their community—typically near high-traffic areas like shopping centers and university campuses—to answer questions and help people securely sign up for World ID via the Orb. Conversations between Operators’ teams and community members can range from Worldcoin and cryptocurrencies to decentralized financial systems and more.

Worldcoin Operators’ businesses are compensated in either stablecoins or fiat currency for signing up individuals to participate in the Worldcoin project by securing a World ID. 

How to become a Worldcoin Operator

Below are the steps involved in becoming a Worldcoin Operator:

  • Have a registered business
    To become a Worldcoin Operator, a person must first have a registered local business in their country of operation. 
  • Apply to become a Worldcoin Operator
    Local businesses can apply to become a Worldcoin Operator through the Worldcoin website here. The Worldcoin team will review, respond to and interview qualified candidates.
  • Get verified and trained and secure a location
    Once a candidate business has been interviewed and selected, the onboarding process can begin. This includes due diligence and verification (e.g., KYC), compliance training, Worldcoin project education, initial location selection, permitting and provision of a kit of materials to get started (including the Orb). Each new Operator starts with a single location and can grow from there. 

In addition to being passionate about Worldcoin’s mission, the most successful Worldcoin Operators have a strong entrepreneurial spirit and are able to build, manage and motivate teams.

Worldcoin Operator testimonials

“Serving as a Worldcoin Operator has helped me bring people of any age and background in my community closer to digital finance through education and access. As a Worldcoin Operator, I’ve also had the opportunity to further develop my business while providing economic and career advancements to my family, friends and former colleagues.” 

  • Alejo, Worldcoin Operator in Argentina 

“Worldcoin has had an incredibly positive impact on my local community. After seeing the project's immense growth over the last two years, I have been proud to take part as a successful operator. My operations employ a great team of over 120 employees and it has created meaningful jobs that have allowed our community to support their families. 

Working with a team of dedicated professionals and having the opportunity to work in the cutting edge of blockchain technology has been a great experience. My family is proud of the fact that I'm contributing to the development of the blockchain economy.”

  • Anchal, Worldcoin Operator in India

"Being a Worldcoin Operator has had a profound impact on our lives, both personally and professionally. From a professional perspective, the experience has provided us with many opportunities for growth. We have improved our skills in education, community building, marketing and project management, and we have also developed a deeper understanding of the web3 industry.

Our approach to being a successful Worldcoin Operator has been based on a combination of knowledge of the project, a strong sales team and a focus on organization and structure. These elements have helped us build a thriving and sustainable business."

  • Gonzalo and Juan, Sideline Ventures, Worldcoin Operator in Spain

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