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What is an Orb Operator?

An Orb Operator is someone who operates an Orb (sometimes more than one), earning Worldcoin for every user that they sign up. Orb Operators are not employees of Worldcoin: they lease Orbs for fixed periods of time and run their operations independently, adapting their businesses to the unique demands of their communities.

What makes you a great Orb Operator?

You’re entrepreneurial, driven and inspired by the opportunities that Worldcoin will create for you and your community. You have ambitious plans to bring Worldcoin to your region and know how to execute them.

You’re in, what happens next?

First, you apply to become an Orb Operator. If accepted, it won’t be long before you receive your Orb and begin giving Worldcoin away to your community. If your operations are successful, you may receive additional Orbs to further scale your business.

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