World ID 2.0

A more human passport for the internet. More powerful. More integrations.

World ID Apps

A new way to use integrations to verify your online accounts using World ID. Apps let you verify your existing account and apply a verification status, or enable World ID as a sign in method. You can explore these in the new Worldcoin App Store.

A more private, sovereign, and open protocol.

World ID was built with the beliefs that privacy is a fundamental human right, and that individuals should own their identity. Open-source and permissionless, World ID lives on your device so only you can access, control, or even decide to delete it.

World ID Levels enable everyday and enhanced security apps.

Designed to accommodate a diversity of real world uses, Levels offer flexibility based on security needs.

  • World ID Device

    Useful in low stakes scenarios. Allows apps to accept World IDs that haven't been verified yet, but are held on trusted devices.

  • World ID Orb

    For most apps, a World ID simply verified by an Orb provides a good balance of convenience with security.

  • Coming soon
    World ID Orb+

    Uses Face Auth for enhanced security. Similar to unlocking your phone with your face, adding Face Auth to your Orb-verified World ID helps ensure only you can use your World ID for that specific action.

How to get World ID 2.0