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Worldcoin completes migration to OP Mainnet

In May, the Worldcoin Foundation and the early protocol contributors at Tools for Humanity (TFH) announced that World ID and TFH’s World App would be transitioned to the OP Mainnet.  

Today, the migration of key pieces of the technology stack is complete and user migration has begun, marking an important step towards scaling the future home of web3 identity and governance on the Optimism Superchain. For World ID holders and World App users, the completed migration means:

  • In support of World ID, the Worldcoin protocol has been migrated to Ethereum, with bridges in place for Optimism and Polygon PoS
  • The majority of Safe wallets have been deployed to OP Mainnet, with the remainder to be deployed on user-initiated migration
  • World App now supports Uniswap on OP Mainnet
  • World App has been updated to prompt users to begin the migration process, which takes 90 seconds on average

The importance of decentralized identity on Optimism’s Superchain

Decentralized identity unlocks online integrity, democratic governance and innovation. It can also empower individuals to have greater control over their finances and participate in the global economy on their own terms. 

Bringing World ID to the OP Mainnet has the potential to strengthen the capabilities of Optimism’s Citizens' House, which works alongside the Token House to govern the Optimism Collective. It could also enhance the Optimism Collective’s AttestationStation, a multiplayer database for streamlining the attestation process and enabling a robust web of trust on any OP Chain in the Superchain. Together, the Worldcoin and Optimism communities are working to build inclusive and open identity primitives that can be used by anyone and any application across the Superchain and beyond.

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The migration of World ID and World App to OP Mainnet is only the latest in a series of past collaborations and planned projects to help bring the Superchain to life. 

Last year, Worldcoin and Optimism (along with Coinbase, who is also working towards Optimism’s Superchain vision via Base) began work on joint contributions to EIP-4844, which will reduce L2 fees by 10x. The pieces were coming into place. EIP-4844 is now expected to be included in the next hardfork of Ethereum. Together, Worldcoin and Optimism are committed to realizing a scalable, inclusive future that unlocks the full potential of crypto and furthers the evolution of identity on the blockchain.

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