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Worldcoin commits to Optimism’s Superchain vision ahead of mainnet launch

Worldcoin strives to be an open and freely-available decentralized identity network that puts ownership in the hands of the community, unlocking access for all to the global economy.

Today, the Worldcoin Foundation and the early protocol contributors at Tools for Humanity (TFH) are announcing a commitment to support the Optimism Collective in bringing the Superchain vision to life, working together to build a scalable blockchain ecosystem built on the OP Stack. As a first step, World ID, a decentralized, privacy-first identity protocol, will be available on OP Mainnet. TFH’s World App, the first wallet that enables transactions using Worldcoin, digital assets and stablecoins, is also being migrated to OP Mainnet.

With more than 1.6 million sign-ups in beta and 500,000+ monthly active World App users, the deployments on OP Mainnet will expand access and help Worldcoin reach a values-aligned ecosystem of developers and users.

Identity and governance on the Superchain

The Optimism Collective is building an economic engine that fuels positive-sum games, and decentralized identity is central to that goal. Decentralized identity not only unlocks democratic governance and innovation but can empower individuals to have greater control over their finances and participate in the global economy on their own terms. 

Bringing World ID to OP Mainnet, though just a first step, lays the groundwork for scaling the future home of web3 identity and governance. It has the potential to enhance the capabilities of the Citizens' House governance, a key component of Optimism's ecosystem, as well as their AttestationStation, an experiment in emergent identity use cases. Together, the two communities are working to build inclusive and open identity primitives that can be used by anyone and any application across the Superchain and beyond.

Back to the roots

Worldcoin’s alignment with the Optimism ecosystem extends back to December 2020, when Ethereum rollups were still far from being mainstream. It started with work on Hubble, an optimistic rollup specifically optimized for simple payments, originally started by the PSE team at the Ethereum Foundation. World App beta launched using Hubble. Following launch, user demand for features beyond just simple payments quickly outgrew Hubble’s capabilities and the project was moved to Polygon PoS as at the time, Optimism and Arbitrum were too expensive given the project's scale.

Collaboration between Worldcoin and Optimism began nearly a year ago through joint contributions to EIP-4844, which will reduce L2 fees by 10x. Coinbase—who is also working towards Optimism’s Superchain vision via Base—was another clearly aligned contributor to 4844. The pieces were coming into place. EIP-4844 is now expected to be included in the next hardfork of Ethereum. Its potential to accelerate adoption in the Optimism ecosystem could also enable a significant boost in World App transactions across Ethereum L2’s with the World App wallet’s migration to OP Mainnet.

Get involved and stay informed

Together, Worldcoin and Optimism are committed to realizing a scalable, inclusive future that unlocks the full potential of crypto and furthers the evolution of identity on the blockchain. Developers who share this vision can join the waitlist for the SDK by signing up here.

Learn more about World ID by visiting the official documentation site, join the Worldcoin conversation on Twitter, Discord and Telegram, and sign up for the Worldcoin blog newsletter at the bottom of this page to stay up to date on the protocol’s latest developments.


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