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Tips and best practices for verifying your World ID at an Orb

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So you’re getting ready to verify your World ID at an Orb. Great! You’re about to join a growing community of over 3 million verified World ID holders committed to building a more human internet and a more accessible digital economy.

Not only does a verified World ID mean your humanness is fully verified in the Worldcoin ecosystem (while preserving your privacy), but it also allows you to use your World ID to its full potential in a growing number of integrated applications like Discord, Shopify, Telegram and Reddit. 

Verifying your World ID at an Orb should always be an easy and enjoyable experience. Take a minute to learn exactly what’s involved in the World ID verification process—and what isn’t. 

What’s involved in the World ID verification process

World ID verification locations are managed worldwide by Worldcoin Operators. They can be found on the Worldcoin website and in World App. Some locations require you to book an appointment in advance, so it’s important to show up on time.

Once you’ve arrived at your World ID verification location, the process to verify your World ID is simple:

  1. First, you’ll be clearly informed of your data custody options* (you can read them in advance here or see an example of an on-site translated information booklet here). All images are automatically deleted by default. If you choose to share them, however, Worldcoin has never and will never sell or profit from any data.

    *With the implementation of Personal Custody for increased personal choice and control, there is no longer an option to share images with Worldcoin when verifying your World ID at an orb. Your information is always deleted from the orb once it has been sent to your device.
  2. Once you’ve been informed of and consented to your options, scan the QR code on your phone to begin the verification process.
  3. Finally, simply look at the indicated screen on the Orb for several seconds while your uniqueness and humanness are securely verified. That’s it!

In less than a minute, you’ll have your fully verified World ID held securely on your phone. Learn more about how to sign up for World ID and use World App here.

Best practices for verifying your World ID

World ID verification is free, private and open to every human over the age of 18. To ensure this is the case, here are some best practices and tips to follow when verifying your World ID:

  • Only visit World ID verification locations listed on the Worldcoin website or in World App
  • You should never be asked for payment in exchange for verification
  • You should never be asked for your personal information (name, email, phone number, etc.) when you verify
  • Never give your phone to another person when verifying, you should be the only person to hold your phone during the entire process
  • Be wary of anyone offering money in exchange for WLD*

You can read more about this and other helpful topics related to World ID verification in the Worldcoin Help Center.

Learn more

Learn more about Worldcoin and the World ID verification process by visiting the Worldcoin website. You can also join the daily conversations on Twitter/X, Telegram, Discord and LinkedIn or sign up for the blog newsletter at the bottom of this page.

Additional important information concerning the project is available in the Worldcoin protocol whitepaper.

*Eligibility for Worldcoin (WLD) tokens is restricted based on geography, age, and other factors. WLD are not available to, or intended for, people or companies who are residents of, or are located, incorporated or have a registered agent in, the United States or certain other restricted territories. However, World ID and TFH’s World App remain available in the United States. For details, go to: www.worldcoin.org/tos. Crypto products can be highly risky. Important User Information can be found at www.worldcoin.org/risks.


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