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Shopify and World ID: Results from Worldcoin’s first anti-fraud retail integration

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Every year, online retailers lose around $100 billion to bots and other sources of e-commerce fraud. World ID can help. 

With the release of World ID 2.0 and its suite of upgrades including World ID Apps and Levels, retailers now have a powerful new way to protect against fraud and run promotions intended to benefit their customers fairly. 

Results from the first World ID and Shopify integration

To demonstrate this new anti-fraud tool, Worldcoin debuted a limited-time Shopify store on December 13 offering free high-quality items to people around the world with a verified World ID. 

For individuals with the broadly available “Device Verification” level, hats were offered. Those with a more secure “Orb Verification” level received a sweatshirt. Both items were available at no cost to unique, verified humans. 

With minimal promotion, the online pop-up store was a near immediate success. The initial supply of sweatshirts sold out within the first 12 hours, and within the first 40 hours all items were officially out of stock. 

In total, orders were placed by 2,000+ unique humans in more than 45 countries across 6 continents. These included Japan, Hong Kong, Argentina and more. Orders were evenly distributed between those with Device and Orb Verified World IDs. There are now over 5 million people globally who have a World App account and nearly 2.7 million with an Orb Verified World ID.

“The second generation World ID opens up new opportunities for retailers to connect with online customers in ways that simply weren’t possible before,” said Tiago Sada, whose team at Tools for Humanity contributed to the product update. “By ensuring actions are taken by unique humans and not bots, businesses can better protect themselves against fraud while reaching as wide and fairly distributed an audience as possible.”

Additional e-commerce applications for World ID

Worldcoin’s pop-up Shopify store is just one in a series of potential e-commerce applications for World ID. Others include:

  • Limited-supply release distribution protection
  • Improved loyalty defense mechanisms
  • Control over max number of accounts per person

To learn more about use cases for World ID, visit the Worldcoin website or sign up for the blog newsletter at the bottom of this page. You can also join the ongoing daily conversations on X (formerly Twitter), Discord, YouTube and Telegram

Additional important information concerning the project is available in the Worldcoin protocol whitepaper.


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