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Worldcoin passes 2 million World ID sign-ups as demand increases

The Worldcoin community is building a more human economic system. Central to this mission is World ID—a global identity protocol powered by the Worldcoin ecosystem that enables people to digitally prove their uniqueness and humanness in a privacy-preserving way.

Today the project hit another milestone, passing 2 million World ID sign-ups during its beta phase in less than half the time it took to reach the first million

The sign-ups have come from all over the world, including a number of cities (i.e. Barcelona, Berlin, Buenos Aires, New YorkSeoul, Tokyo) where Orbs—the first custom biometric imaging devices built for Worldcoin—have recently been made available as part of the project’s global tour. Overall, an average of over 40,000 individuals sign up for a verified World ID every week. 

Thank you to everyone who made this milestone possible, from the builders to the integration and composability partners to the individuals verifying their World ID every day. Achieving 2 million World ID sign-ups is more than just an accomplishment for the Worldcoin community; it’s also a significant milestone in the broader global effort to make digitally-verifiable identity more accessible to everyone. 

According to the McKinsey Global Institute’s report Digital identification: A key to inclusive growth, there are over 4.4 billion people worldwide who either don’t have a legal identity or have one that can’t be digitally verified. This is a major stumbling block when it comes to accessing financial services. 

World ID integrations expand globally as sign-ups increase

To meet this increased demand for verified World IDs, Orb availability is expected to increase significantly in the coming months. More details will be shared shortly on when and where new Orbs will be available. 

Additionally, just as more people are signing up, a growing number of apps and services are making use of the World ID protocol. Okta’s Auth0, a global authentication and authorization platform, recently made “Sign in with Worldcoin” available to tens of thousands of applications and online services that use Auth0 for user authentication. Shortly after, Talent Protocol became the first web3 platform to integrate World ID in Europe

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