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Worldcoin expands World ID access in Spain in response to AI boom

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Worldcoin has expanded access to World ID, the privacy-preserving proof of personhood protocol, throughout Spain. Following the expansion, Spain now marks the largest operational market in Europe for the project. In addition, the contributing team at Tools for Humanity (TFH) has joined two of the country’s most important technological associations: Adigital and Tech Barcelona.

Since 2020, Spain has made significant progress developing its artificial intelligence (AI) sector and, according to Politico, has a strong claim to be the new heart of the AI industry in the European Union. With this advanced tech comes the need to help verify what online activity in Spain is associated with humans, and what is not. That’s where expanded access to World ID comes in. 

World ID is a global identity protocol that uses an AI-safe proof of personhood (PoP) credential to enable people to digitally prove their uniqueness and humanness. Since launching in Madrid just over a year ago, more than 150K people in Spain have signed up for World ID, with well over 20K added every month. This makes Spain the fastest growing Worldcoin market in the EU. 

With the expansion, operations supporting Worldcoin now include Barcelona, where a selection of Worldcoin Operator locations will be made available throughout the city to support increasing interest in the project. These locations will feature the Orb, which plays an important role in the Worldcoin ecosystem. Originally developed by TFH, the Orb is the first custom biometric imaging device built for Worldcoin to verify humanness and uniqueness in a safe, secure and privacy-preserving way.

TFH joins Adigital and Tech Barcelona

The project’s engagement in Spain doesn’t stop there. Along with expanded operations, the contributing team at TFH has become a member of Adigital and Tech Barcelona.

Having representation by the contributors at TFH within these respected organizations is a significant step forward for Worldcoin in Spain. Adigital and Tech Barcelona are focused on sustainable digitization, economic development and catalyzing the tech ecosystem in Barcelona and across the country. As the developer of the World App, the first app to let users manage their World ID, TFH actively engages organizations like Adigital and Tech Barcelona to continue improving the tools that power Worldcoin. 

Through TFH’s membership, one of the teams working on the Worldcoin project will be able to engage with and learn from local technology partners throughout Spain while bringing important insights to the table in the emerging fields of decentralized finance and identity.

The Iberian Peninsula overall is playing an increasingly important role in the Worldcoin project’s beta. Along with the project’s operational growth in Spain and TFH’s Adigital and Tech Barcelona memberships, World ID sign-ups in neighboring Portugal surpassed 1% of the country’s population earlier this year. 

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