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Talent Protocol becomes first web3 platform to integrate World ID in Europe

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Talent Protocol, which connects web3 builders across Europe and incentivizes them to support each other and grow together, has become the continent’s first platform to integrate World ID’s privacy-preserving, digital identity protocol. 

The integration is simple: after signing up for Talent Protocol, a person only needs to click on the “Verify Your Humanity” quest from either their home dashboard or the Quests page (each quest earns a person points by doing things like adding a profile picture, connecting a wallet and subscribing to other members). 

Once clicked, a QR code popup will appear that can be scanned via World App or any other World ID-supported wallet—and that’s it! Verified World ID holders will promptly receive a check mark next to their quest confirming that they are indeed a verified unique human.  

“This integration with Worldcoin's World ID is a significant milestone,” said Filipe Macedo, co-founder of Talent Protocol. “It reinforces our commitment to ensuring a bot-free, human-first community where talent can truly shine. With World ID, we're not only enhancing trust, but also encouraging more meaningful connections between our members.”

World ID integrations accelerate globally

The number of projects that are integrating World ID is increasing rapidly. Talent Protocol’s integration follows the announcement that Okta’s Auth0 Marketplace now offers “Sign in with Worldcoin”, bringing together millions of people who have already verified their World ID with tens of thousands of applications and online services that use Auth0 for user authentication.

The World ID SDK was first announced in March, and sign-ups for the waitlist have been accumulating as more people verify their World IDs around the world and hackathon developers continue to show what’s possible creating proof-of-concept applications. 

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You can also learn more about World ID and sign up for the SDK here.


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