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Record World ID interest in Argentina leads to new innovation and 500K verifications

Growing interest in World ID in Argentina has led to a new national record, with nearly 16K Orb verifications happening in a single day in late December. More than 1% of the Argentine population has now verified their World ID, similar to milestones set in Chile (1.5%), Spain (0.8%) and Portugal (2.5%)

The rise in verifications comes just weeks after the launch of World ID 2.0, the second generation of Worldcoin’s secure, private and inclusive proof of humanity. 

World ID 2.0 introduces World ID Apps and features both new and upcoming integrations with popular platforms like Mercado Libre in Argentina. Other integrations include Reddit, which could be key in differentiating between humans and ultra-realistic AI on the platform, and an early anti-fraud retail integration with Shopify that has already shown promising results.

Innovation to meet demand in Argentina

To continue meeting the diversity of demand as inclusively and efficiently as possible, the contributing team at Tools for Humanity (TFH), the company behind Worldcoin’s first wallet World App, has released an innovative update to the in-app verification process

The update features a new multi-hour appointment window designed to help streamline Orb verifications and reduce wait times for those with booked appointments, which are mandatory in Argentina. 

All World App users can continue to easily identify their nearest Orb locations and book an appointment to verify their World ID. Once an appointment is booked, the ability to verify will be unlocked up to one hour before the scheduled appointment and available up to two hours after (subject to change). Appointments can be canceled and rescheduled as necessary.  

Fig. 1

To help reduce wait times, World App’s new appointment feature now only allows Orb verifications during a multi-hour window around a previously scheduled appointment.

“It’s encouraging to see the positive response to World ID in Argentina, and the impact the Worldcoin project is having on Argentinians of all backgrounds, including those who are ‘tech-forward’ as well as individuals who use cryptocurrency to provide for their families,” said Martin Mazza, regional manager for Latin America at TFH. “Innovation like this is essential to ensure our operations are efficient, orderly and accessible to everyone in Argentina who would like to participate.” 

Worldcoin in Argentina and around the world

World ID was created as a way to help people to digitally verify their humanness while preserving their privacy. This is an important first step in giving access to financial services to the 4.4 billion people worldwide who don’t have a digitally-verifiable legal identity. 

Nearly 3 million individuals have verified their World ID at an Orb globally, with more than 500,000 of those verifications taking place in Argentina. Other countries verifying World IDs include the US, Spain, Germany and Singapore, which began operations in December

Importantly, Worldcoin doesn’t seek to know who you are, just that you are a unique human. All images or information used to generate an individual’s unique World ID are by default promptly deleted. Images are never sold or used for marketing purposes. You can learn more about privacy here.

“Worldcoin developed a platform that allows humans to digitally verify their uniqueness,” said Pablo Sabbatella, head of security research at Blockfence, in a recent interview with Telefe Noticias. “A person essentially goes to an Orb, which is a device located in cities around the world that uses iris images to verify uniqueness. The default images are deleted, and the platform uses zero knowledge proofs to keep your identity private.”

“I think it’s good to question all of this, to audit it and confirm that these machines really operate as stated. And if they do, then everyone has the option to choose.” 

You can find out more about security audits of the Worldcoin project here.

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