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Learnings from Asia in advance of new Worldcoin launches

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Members of Tools for Humanity’s (TFH) product development team made a multi-stop tour in Asia recently to gather feedback about its World App, talk with local stakeholders and meet developers and other members of the Worldcoin community.  

The tour comes as access to World ID verifications are expected to expand across the continent.

Meetups took place in Hong Kong, Seoul, Singapore and Tokyo over the course of a week. The positive participation reflected enthusiasm for Worldcoin’s mission to become a new kind of digital infrastructure for the age of AI—one that leads to a more human internet and a more accessible global economy.

“Many cities in Asia are unapologetically tech forward. For an ambitious project like Worldcoin, this creates an incredible atmosphere for collaboration,” said Tiago Sada, head of product at TFH. “Throughout our meetups in Tokyo, Seoul, Singapore and Hong Kong, we had open and constructive discussions with Worldcoin community members and local partners about how to improve our product to better meet the needs of users here.”

Meeting demand for World ID in Asia

Following the Worldcoin project’s global launch in July, Asia quickly became one of the largest markets for World ID’s proof of personhood solution. To date, the continent accounts for more than 1.4 million World App account creations and approximately a third of all World ID verifications.

In response to a surge in global monthly active users, now totaling more than 1 million, TFH recently rolled out a World App update that allows users to customize their experience with multiple languages and local currencies.

Among the available languages are Chinese (Simplified), Hindi, Japanese and Korean. Currency-equivalent representations can also now be set to the Indian rupee (₹), the Japanese yen (¥), the Korean won (₩) and the Singapore dollar ($) to help users track holdings in their self-custodial wallet inside World App.

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You can also find other important information concerning the project in the Worldcoin protocol whitepaper


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