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Worldcoin Foundation adds new World Chain category to Wave1 grants program

In April, the Worldcoin Foundation made a number of significant announcements, two of which include: 

These two developments are becoming even more linked as the new World Chain category for the Worldcoin Foundation Community Grants Program is introduced.

New World Chain category for Worldcoin Foundation Grants Program

The new World Chain grants category is designed to support infrastructure, projects, and research that help World Chain scale to serve billions of people and improve their onchain experiences. 

It’s an important supplement to the following already-active categories:

  • Improved Developer Experience and Tooling: Solutions and infrastructure that make developing on Worldcoin easier for other builders.
  • Digital Identity: Projects and research that build upon World ID, or make it more accessible for others to integrate, implement, and leverage for new applications.
  • Ecosystem Growth: Community initiatives and events that drive the expansion of World ID globally.
  • Governance: Projects, research, and experiments that leverage WorldID and explore the new frontiers of decentralized governance.

Applications, RFPs and guidelines

Applications are now open, and submissions are welcome through May 24, 2024.

Additionally, the Grant Guidelines are now available. The guidelines aim to help applicants better understand how grant recipients are selected and offer tips for navigating the process. 

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