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Worldcoin Foundation launches Community Grants Program Wave1: Next steps on the Tech Tree

Today, we are excited to announce applications for Wave1 of the Worldcoin Foundation Community Grants Program are now open!

With over 10 million World ID users spanning 167 countries, there are more opportunities than ever for the diverse community of organizers, builders and researchers to meaningfully contribute towards the mission of scaling a global, efficient and inclusive financial and identity system.

Improved processes and refined categories

After over 1,000 applications, we took your feedback to heart and have made changes enabling grants to be more efficient and accessible. One major improvement to the open application process is around the precision of project categories. Previously prospective grantees applied without a filter for categorical objectives; now, with Wave1, we introduce the following categories:

  • Improved Developer Experience and Tooling: Solutions and infrastructure that make developing on Worldcoin easier for other builders
  • Digital Identity: Projects and research that build upon World ID, or make it more accessible for others to integrate, implement and leverage for new applications
  • Ecosystem Growth: Community initiatives and events that drive the expansion of World ID globally
  • Governance: Projects, research and experiments that leverage WorldID and explore the new frontiers of decentralized governance
  • TBD: Keep your eyes here when we unlock a new category

Similar to Wave0, applicants can apply for awards up to $10,000 for Community Grants, $50,000 for Project Grants, and more for Open Projects and RFPs. For more information and inspiration for RFPs, check out our RFP page. Applications are now open, and submissions are welcome until the deadline on May 24, 2024.

A commitment to community and innovation

At the Worldcoin Foundation, we believe that grassroots initiatives and novel experimentation are core tenets of building the largest identity and financial network in the world.

While we are currently stewarding the Community Grants Program on behalf of the Worldcoin protocol, our goal is to increasingly involve the community to identify and support the highest potential opportunities for growth. As applications for Wave1 open, we are seeking value aligned entrepreneurs, technologists and explorers to apply with projects that not only build solutions for their own communities, but continue compounding the innovation and growth already seen from the progress of Wave0 Grantees.

In just two months, our 28 inaugural grantees have already begun making meaningful progress, laying the groundwork for the advancement of the Worldcoin Tech Tree. To learn more about the grantees and the milestones that they have accomplished, check out our Discord and tune into the livestream today at 17:00 UTC.

Continuing to advance the Tech Tree together

We are on a quest to harness the potential of the Worldcoin protocol to create a more inclusive and equitable world. This new wave of grants is not just an opportunity—it's a call to action for anyone who believes in the potential of Proof of Personhood enabled by Worldcoin.

Whether you're an established company, a newly formed hackathon team or an individual with a powerful idea, we want to hear from you. Apply today and work together to turn your innovative ideas into reality. Apply here now!

Stay connected

Follow us on X or join us on Discord to stay updated on the latest grant announcements, learn from grantee success stories and experiences, and so much more from our community.

Together, we can build a future that cherishes values of inclusivity, privacy, and progress. We can't wait to see what you'll contribute to Worldcoin.


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