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World ID verification is coming to Ecuador

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World ID orb verifications are coming to Ecuador.

Verifications will be available at six locations across two Ecuadorian cities, starting with the port city of Guayaquil on June 26 and, a day later, the capital Quito on June 27. Anyone 18 years or older interested in joining the millions of people participating in the Worldcoin network can orb verify their World ID at one of these locations.

Orb verification locations and operating hours can be found in World App or at worldcoin.org/find-orb starting on June 24. 

Ecuador joins a growing number of countries across Latin America including Argentina, Chile, Colombia, Mexico and Peru that offer World ID orb verification services. 

Global support for proof of humanness 

The upcoming launch in Ecuador comes at a time when global support for proof of humanness in general, and World ID in particular, is growing. 

In a recent survey in Spain, 82% of the 21,000 World ID holders who responded agreed that technologies such as Worldcoin/World ID are important for distinguishing between humans and bots online (13% were unsure). Similarly, in Portugal, more than 3 in 4 (77%) of the 19,000 World ID holders who responded agree that Worldcoin can have a positive impact on their digital interactions (13% were unsure). 

These findings correspond with the results of recent online surveys in Ecuador, Peru, Mexico and Colombia conducted for Worldcoin contributor Tools for Humanity (“TFH”), which show clear international support for technologies that prove humanness online:

  • In Ecuador, 92% of respondents indicated that they support technology-based solutions to differentiate humans from bots online.
  • In Peru, 90% of the more than 800 respondents indicated they want technology-based solutions to differentiate humans from bots online.
  • Additionally, 84% of respondents in Peru indicated that mechanisms that differentiate machines from humans are “essential” for the future.
  • In Colombia, 71% of respondents indicated they feel “very” or “somewhat concerned” that more convincing online bots will lead to even greater levels of fraud and misinformation.
  • In Mexico, 75% of the nearly 1,000 respondents said they feel safer consuming online content that they know was generated by a human.

Investment in Argentina increases

The upcoming launch in Ecuador also comes as the Worldcoin project is poised to grow in Argentina, resulting in significant direct investment in the country.

The commitments to increase investment and expand operations are geared towards making Argentina a Worldcoin hub for the region, building on the technological and economic development in the country. As part of this investment, Worldcoin contributors such as Tools for Humanity (TFH) plan to support professional opportunities for at least 50 qualified developers, operations specialists, software engineers, data analysts and more.

In addition, 50 World ID orb verification locations in more than 10 cities across the country, including two experience stores, are expected to be opened during the Argentine summer. 

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To learn more about how Worldcoin is increasing access to important proof of humanness technologies, visit the Worldcoin website or join the daily conversations on Twitter/X, Telegram, Discord, YouTube and LinkedIn. You can also sign up for the blog newsletter at the bottom of this page.

Additional important information concerning the project is available in the Worldcoin protocol whitepaper.


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