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Worldcoin brings World ID verification to Peru

Worldcoin is increasing access to verified proof of humanness globally, with operations launching in Peru.

Access to World ID, which is a secure and permissionless identity protocol that empowers millions of individuals to prove their humanness online while preserving their privacy, comes as new survey results show the extent to which individuals in Peru are looking for secure ways to protect against fraud and identify bot-created content online.

Worldcoin begins World ID verifications in Peru

World ID orb verifications are now available in the Peruvian capital of Lima. With an orb verified World ID, Peruvians over 18 years old are able to privately prove their humanness online in a growing number of applications

Such demonstration of humanness online is becoming increasingly important. According to a March 2024 online survey of Peruvians conducted by Hart Research for TFH, a contributor to Worldcoin, 90% of the more than 800 respondents indicated they want technology-based solutions to differentiate humans from bots online. Additionally, 84% indicated that mechanisms that differentiate machines from humans are “essential” for the future.

The same study indicated that nearly 9 in 10 respondents were interested in using technology like World ID that leverages biometrics to verify that they are a unique human using the internet.

As with all countries around the world where orb verifications are available, anyone seeking to verify their World ID must first verify that they are 18 or older in order to access the location. Additional personal control and security measures include:

  • Zero knowledge proofs (ZKPs) to protect public keys from being known or tracked across applications and protect World ID use from being tied to any biometric data
  • Personal Custody, an evolution in data custody recommended by privacy experts that means your information is always deleted from the orb once it has been securely sent to your device
  • The ability to unverify a person’s World ID via permanent iris code deletion at any time for increased control over data

Learn more about Worldcoin privacy and the results of a recent 3rd party security audit of the orb.

Worldcoin expands World ID verifications in Mexico

In addition to the launch of operations in Peru, Worldcoin is also expanding access to verified proof of humanness via its pilot program in Mexico.

World ID verifications will be available in Mexico City, Monterrey and Guadalajara to offer more control over personal data in the age of AI.

In a similar online survey of Mexicans conducted in March 2024 by Toluna for TFH, 89% of the nearly 1,000 respondents indicated they had either been personally victimized by online fraud or identity theft or knew someone who had been. Additionally, 75% of respondents said they feel safer consuming online content that they know was generated by a human. 

World ID’s proof of humanness provides a foundational level for digital identity that can address both of these concerns. 

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Additional important information concerning the project is available in the Worldcoin protocol whitepaper.


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