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Worldcoin investment in Argentina increases as services expand

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In Argentina, Worldcoin contributors have been working hard to increase access to important AI tools like World ID, a private digital passport that differentiates humans from bots online.

Now, the project is poised to grow in Argentina, resulting in significant direct investment in the country. The additional funds will be directed towards expanding operations to meet the needs of more Argentines, creating professional opportunities and opening new orb verification locations around the country. 

Commitment to Argentina

The commitment to increase investment and expand operations will make Argentina a Worldcoin hub for the region, building on the technological and economic development in the country. As part of this investment, Worldcoin contributors plan to onboard at least 50 qualified positions for developers, operations specialists, software engineers, data analysts and more.

In addition, 50 Worldcoin locations in more than 10 cities across the country, including two experience stores, are expected to be opened during the Argentine summer. 

Each month, more than a million Argentinians use World App, which was developed and is operated by project contributor TFH. World App is the first wallet supporting Worldcoin and helps increase access to the global economy. In the first months of 2024, World App spent several weeks as the most downloaded app in the country in both the App Store and Google Play.

Importance of proof of humanness

Approximately 4 billion humans globally lack a legal, digitally verifiable identity. 

This is a critical blocker to accessing basic financial services and a major reason so many are left out of the global digital economy, but it can be solved—and proof of humanness solutions like World ID can help. 

World ID is a digital passport designed to let anyone prove they’re unique and human online while keeping their identity private. It can serve as the first and most fundamental building block in establishing digital proof of personhood. 

Verified World ID holders can not only prove that they are human and unique in a growing number of integrated applications, but they also have access, where allowed, to WLD* token grants. WLD is a digital token to be freely distributed to people for both utility and future governance just for being a unique individual.

*Eligibility for Worldcoin (WLD) tokens is restricted based on geography, age, and other factors. WLD are not available to, or intended for, people, companies or organizations who are residents of, or are located or incorporated in the United States or certain other restricted territories (or have beneficial ownership in the United States or such other restricted territories). However, World ID and TFH’s World App remain available in the United States. For details, go to: www.worldcoin.org/tos. Crypto products can be highly risky. Important User Information can be found at www.worldcoin.org/risks.

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Additional important information concerning the project is available in the Worldcoin protocol whitepaper.


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