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Introducing the new Worldcoin and Alchemy partnership

Working together on World Chain and World ID

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Worldcoin has announced that it is partnering with Alchemy to provide the infrastructure for World Chain

Alchemy, a trusted web3 development platform, will also aim to integrate World ID into its tool set and promote it as a fundamental piece of web3 infrastructure, giving seamless World ID access to millions of developers worldwide.

World Chain: A blockchain for humans

First introduced in April, World Chain will be a new blockchain designed for humans. 

It will be deeply integrated with the Worldcoin protocol and work alongside Optimism, Coinbase and the wider Ethereum ecosystem as part of the Superchain. Pending migration from OP Mainnet, where Worldcoin regularly takes up more than 50% of the available blockspace, World Chain will also be the new home for World ID and World App.

To ensure World Chain is optimized for real humans instead of bots, verified World ID holders will get priority blockspace and a free gas allowance for casual transactions. Developers building on World Chain will be able to reach millions of these real, verified users around the world with apps focused on utility for everyday life. 

There are currently millions of orb verified World ID holders and over 10 million World App downloads worldwide. 

World Chain and Alchemy: Building for human scale

World Chain will serve as an ecosystem of decentralized financial and identity apps focused on real world utility. 

By partnering with Alchemy, World Chain developers building these important, everyday apps will have immediate access to a complete and comprehensive web3 developer platform including both core and data APIs, indexing solutions and a suite of other tools needed by developers to power their apps. Included in these tools is important account abstraction infrastructure that improves the safety and security of self-custodial wallets.

Developers will also have the confidence of building on trusted, reliable infrastructure with more than six years of experience.

“We're excited to partner with Worldcoin to deliver essential infrastructure and foster developer growth for World Chain,” said Noam Hurwitz, Engineering Lead for Alchemy Rollups. “With over six years of proven experience ensuring guaranteed uptime for major web2 and web3 enterprises, Alchemy is uniquely positioned to support the over 10M World App users at launch. Additionally, we're proud to offer our entire Alchemy product platform to developers, seamlessly integrated into World Chain.”

In addition to providing the infrastructure for the World Chain rollup, World Chain will be available to all Alchemy developers on launch day. 

Next steps

The World Chain developer preview is expected to launch very soon, giving people the opportunity to begin building on the blockchain for humans in preparation for full launch later this year. Interested developers can learn more here

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Additional important information concerning the project is available in the Worldcoin protocol whitepaper.


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