Human Collective Grant Recipients

The innovative ideas and projects partially funded by, and contributing to, the Worldcoin community.

  • Projects funded


  • Approx. Total Grants Awarded

    800K WLD

  • Zanzibar

    A novel privacy layer to the upload of biometric data

    ~ 50K WLD
  • Votexx

    Extreme Coercion Resistance

    ~ 30K WLD
  • Chain Partners

    Orb Hardware Development

    25K WLD
  • Nethermind

    Social Graph: Extending World ID to social-graph-based proof of humanity

    23.5K WLD
  • Nethermind

    Worldcoin on Starknet: Bridge the WorldCoin ID root to Starknet

    25K WLD
  • Roll-Op

    A CLI tool that makes it easy to spin, monitor & maintain OP stack rollups

    2.5K WLD
  • Worldscan

    Explorer for the Worldcoin ecosystem

    10K WLD

    Universal Proof Aggregator

    25K WLD

    MPC-based Iris code comparison service

    25K WLD
  • Research

    How World ID can change CAPTCHAs

    ~ 1200 WLD
  • Clade Club

    Reimagining DAO governance

    15K WLD
  • IDMaster

    An alternative assembly provider for Orbs

    25K WLD
  • Nethermind

    zkML research

    25K WLD
  • TheVoice

    Modular open-source library for governance apps

    25K WLD
  • Wonderland

    Reputation ID

    25K WLD
  • Gamcap Labs


    15K WLD
  • L2Beat

    Zk Circuits Explorer

    22K WLD
  • RewardMe

    Empowering individual control and monetise their spending data via crypto cashbacks

    12.5K WLD
  • Nethermind

    Gas Limit Research

    25K WLD
  • ETHGlobal

    Worldcoin partner with ETHGlobal at select hackathons

    ~ 185K WLD
  • Phylax

    A novel ethical censorship network

    13K WLD
  • Ribbon Protocol

    A regenerative Universal Basic Income model

    25K WLD
  • LambdaClass

    Automated Replica Hosting

    5K WLD
  • BUIDL Asia 2024

    Worldcoin partnership

    ~ 40K WLD
  • Wallfacer

    PoP based Grant Distribution Portal

    25K WLD
  • xx network

    Traffic Anonymizer

    25K WLD
  • Rarimo

    World ID State Replication

    23.1K WLD
  • Merkle tree explorer

    Data analytics and visualizations

    25K WLD

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