Worldcoin on Starknet: Bridge the WorldCoin ID root to Starknet

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Nethermind is a global team that offers the simplest solutions to the hardest problems in blockchain, empowering enterprises and developers worldwide to access and build on decentralized systems.

Nethermind has worked in Starknet from it’s early days. They built a bridge from AAVE to Starknet, and they have funded and helped create the Cairo Book and Starknet by Example. Nethermind built Starknet’s block explorer, Voyager, and one of the full node implementations, juno.

This project, lead by Tomasz K. Stanczak - CEO of Nethermind, CEO or Oiler, Starknet Foundation Board Member, and Fossil designer, responds to an RFP to make Worldcoin available on non-EVM chains. Doing so allows Worldcoin to be used in one of the fastest-growing developer communities in crypto - the Starknet space.