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Token vs. Cryptocurrency: Primary Uses and Differences

Cryptocurrencies, coins, and tokens are digital assets, but all have unique properties. Learn the key distinctions between a token and cryptocurrency.

Minting Privilege: What Is an NFT Whitelist?

NFT whitelists provide privileged access to non-fungible tokens on their release day. Learn what NFT whitelists are and how they function.

What Are Social Tokens, and Why Are Influencers Using Them?

Social tokens aim to help content creators monetize their work. Find out what social tokens are and how they're transforming digital engagement.

A Guide to Crypto Liquidity Pools

Crypto liquidity pools allow anyone to earn money being a market maker on decentralized exchanges. Learn how liquidity pools have become a cornerstone of DeFi.

What Are Colored Coins? Expanding Crypto’s Applications

"Coloring" crypto means adding data to digital coins to create novel use cases. Find out what colored coins are and how they influence NFTs.

What Is a Crypto Faucet?

Since Bitcoin’s early days, users have been earning rewards via crypto faucets in exchange for completing tasks. But what is a crypto faucet, and how does it work?

What Are dApps? Decentralized Applications Explained

dApps are challenging people’s preconceptions of how the internet functions. Learn about what dApps are and how they differ from today’s centralized apps.

What Is the Ethereum Virtual Machine? A 101 Guide

Ethereum uses a special software, "Virtual Machine," to process smart contracts. Learn what the Ethereum Virtual Machine is to understand how Web3 works.

Did You Know About These Eco-Friendly Cryptocurrencies?

Crypto faces a lot of criticism for its environmental impact. But most cryptocurrencies are eco-friendly, and many use similar energy than a google query.

What Is a Sybil Attack? A 101 Guide

In a Sybil attack, a person or a bot spoofs a peer-to-peer network with many fake accounts. Learn what a Sybil attack is and how it applies to blockchain technology.

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