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This is Worldcoin: Video explainer series

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Humanness in the age of AI

Worldcoin is building the world's largest human network to improve trust online and access to the global economy. Hear from Alex Blania, project co-founder and CEO of project contributor Tools for Humanity (TFH), as well as other team members, as they discusses why Worldcoin is so important in the age of AI and where the project is headed.

Privacy protections

For Worldcoin, privacy is paramount. Hear from Tiago Sada, head of product at TFH, as he discusses the three key privacy protections that are most important to understand about Worldcoin.

Verifying humanness

How do you verify that someone is human online? Sandro Herbig, head of engineering at TFH, discusses the challenges that come along with solving this problem at scale and in a way that allows for maximum privacy and inclusivity.

Zero-knowledge proofs

What are zero-knowledge proofs, and how do they help preserve privacy for World ID users? Remco Bloemen, head of protocol at the Worldcoin Foundation, gives a high-level explanation of what this incredible technology allows and why it may be even more important than blockchains themselves.

Security audits

How are audits used to ensure security at Worldcoin? Steven Smith, head of protocol at TFH, provides an explanation of how security audits are performed at Worldcoin and how they help ensure that the most important parts of the protocol function properly.

Scaling distributed systems

Worldcoin must be able to scale in order to achieve its mission of increasing trust online and access to the global economy. DCBuilder, a research engineer at the Worldcoin Foundation, discusses some approaches Worldcoin is taking to make blockchains more efficient and scale distributed systems.


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