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The story behind the new Worldcoin logo

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Worldcoin is building the world’s largest identity and financial network to serve as a decentralized public utility, giving ownership to everyone. 

At the heart of this mission is the belief that everyone deserves access to the global economy, including the 4.4 billion people worldwide whose lack of a legal or digitally verifiable identity makes it difficult to access financial services.

To more clearly express and communicate this mission, we recently updated the Worldcoin logo. This new symbol is an amalgam of three existing symbols: a globe (🌐), the mathematical “belongs to” symbol (∈) and a circle (◯).

When combined, they convey a simple but important message: the global economy belongs to everyone.


Similar to the design of the Orb, the design of the logo is intentionally simple. The Worldcoin project’s mission is ambitious, and the technologies that are moving it forward are complex. To continue growing our community, our goal will always be to communicate transparently and understandably—and that starts with a symbol that clearly represents our mission and values.

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