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Worldcoin and ETHGlobal:
The road to Tokyo

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From April 14th to 16th, builders, founders, devs and dreamers from around the world will converge on the Toranomon Hills Forum for ETHGlobal Tokyo, marking the first major ETHGlobal conference of 2023.

Worldcoin is a key ETHGlobal sponsor in 2023 and, as such, will partner alongside some of the best projects in Web3. In Tokyo specifically, team members building the Worldcoin protocol will be participating in the opening talk, holding a World ID workshop, judging hackathon submissions and giving out prizes. Worldcoin will also be sponsoring the Pragma conference on April 13th, the day before the start of ETHGlobal Tokyo. With the World ID SDK now in beta, the Ethereum community will have the opportunity to engage and build with the Worldcoin protocol more than ever before.

ETHGlobal Tokyo is just the beginning of what promises to be an exciting year of experiences that will see Worldcoin and ETHGlobal partnered together in a combination of long-running and brand-new events in cities all over the world. Some of these include:

  • ETHGlobal Lisbon (May 12-14)
  • ETHGlobal Waterloo (Jun 23-25)
  • ETHGlobal Paris (Jul 21-23)
  • ETHGlobal New York (Sep 22-24)
  • ETHOnline (Oct 6-27)
  • ETHIstanbul (Q4)

At all of these events, hackers and conference-goers will be able to interact directly with core contributors to Worldcoin and World ID, build on top of the protocol, learn more about the project, get their World ID verified at an Orb and explore potential integrations and collaborations with Worldcoin’s privacy-preserving, decentralized identity solution.

The collaborative road to ETHGlobal Tokyo

The partnership between ETHGlobal and Worldcoin didn’t just begin with this event, however. Worldcoin has been hosting hackathons and other events worldwide since its inception and especially as the project began to grow in earnest in 2021.

In years past, Worldcoin hosted hackathons and panels, delivered presentations and participated in Q&As to get people educated about the Orb and generally help the Web3 community better understand the what, how and why of the Protocol.

The collaboration with ETHGlobal started in 2022, when Worldcoin joined a number of events and hackathons to build with devs using the World ID Alpha. These events included ETHNewYork in June, ETHMexicoCity in August, ETHBogota in October and ETHSanFrancisco in November. Winners of those hackathons received up to 10k in prize money, and had the opportunity to get an early look at the power of proof of personhood up close.

But for now, all roads lead to Tokyo, where Worldcoin will be present with a brand new booth, several orbs, and a team of people dedicated to educating the community about the importance and potential of what we are building here everyday.

Looking forward to seeing you in Toranomon.


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