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Worldcoin Community Grants Program Wave0 launches

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Today, World Assets, Ltd., (Worldcoin) a wholly owned subsidiary of Worldcoin Foundation and issuer of "WLD", announced the launch of the Worldcoin Community Grants Program that will be supported by the Worldcoin Foundation in accordance with its aims and objects, in order to support, grow and encourage adoption of Worldcoin projects.

Beginning with the inaugural Wave0, the Community Grants Program is a commitment to focus on building resilient technology and more equitable systems by empowering a robust community of builders to advance the Worldcoin Tech Tree. Below are key details of the program, including relevant links to the application and areas of interest for RFPs.

How much funding has the Worldcoin Foundation committed to its grants program?

In the first three inaugural waves, the Worldcoin Foundation has committed an initial pool of 2M WLD in funding across three grant tracks. Subsequent waves may increase grant award commitments as projects grow to identify new opportunities and impactful solutions for the community. 

More detailed information can be found in the RFP page.

What types of grants are available?

Currently, the Community Grants Program consists of three different grant tracks:

  • Community Grants (up to 5K WLD) are available for community organizers, event sponsorships, ongoing hackathon projects and other similar initiatives
  • Project Grants (up to 25K WLD) are available for larger scale projects such as those described on the RFP page
  • Open Track Grants (no set budget) are available for the most significant and ambitious projects, some of which may also fulfill projects described on the the RFP page

The Foundation may, at its discretion, choose to make grants directly in USDC or a similar stablecoin type asset rather than in WLD. This approach provides flexibility to the Foundation to take into account a variety of commercial and regulatory considerations given the global nature of the grants program and the Foundation’s objectives of transparency, sustainability and regulatory compliance. 

Grants are available in all areas relevant to advancing the Worldcoin Tech Tree, such as:

  1. World ID applications
  2. World ID protocol
  3. User agent
  4. Hardware
  5. Operations

More information is available here.

Each grant track follows different evaluation guidelines and timelines to sustainably accommodate their respective audience. Community Grants will be the fastest to be processed, whereas Project Grants may take additional time to allow for more comprehensive evaluations and detailed project scoping. For the Open Track, teams are invited to apply without constraints. These kinds of collaborative efforts can take longer in order to best align project scopes and motivations.

Note that these categories and focus areas are non-exhaustive and meant to inspire novel solutions to speedrun the Worldcoin Tech Tree. For more information on these categories, visit the Worldcoin Foundation Grants page

Who can apply for a grant?

Grants are available to creators, builders, technologists and other humans and organizations who contribute to the health and growth of the Worldcoin community.

Grants are not available to, or intended for, people or companies who are residents of, or are located, incorporated or have a registered agent in, the United States or certain other restricted territories. More details can be found here.

How to apply for a grant

Grant applications were originally open from December 6 through December 22, 2023, however the submission date was extended to January 12, 2024. Recipients will be announced in the weeks following the submission deadline. The Worldcoin Foundation is now accepting grant applications directly here.

What is the goal of the Community Grants Program?

A robust grants program is essential for the overall health and growth of the Worldcoin community. It empowers and supports builders from around the world by funding the development and implementation of the community’s most interesting, creative and beneficial projects. 

Let’s speedrun the Worldcoin Tech Tree together.


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