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Meet the Worldcoin Wave1 Community Grants recipients

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Today, the Worldcoin Foundation is thrilled to announce the selected grantees for Wave1 of the Worldcoin Community Grants Program! Building on the success of the inaugural Community Grants Program Wave0, Wave1 grantees will work closely with other Worldcoin contributors to innovate and advance different parts of the Worldcoin Tech Tree.

The Community Grants Program aims to empower passionate builders who want to explore the frontiers of innovation and contribute to the Worldcoin mission – to build the world's largest human network to improve trust online and access to the global economy. The 17 awarded projects range from novel governance mechanisms and Secure Multi-party Computation (SMPC) to improved developer experience and many more domains. 

In addition to new grantees in Wave 1, we also see follow-on support for Wave0 grantees continuing to build on top of their previous grant work. Among these is TACEO, who has advanced the state of the art in biometric template protection and enabled the secure deletion of Worldcoin’s previous iris code system. TACEO will continue to work on newer iterations of SMPC tech achieving an unprecedented level of privacy protection for WorldID verified users. 

Meet the Wave1 grantees advancing the Worldcoin Tech Tree 


Axiom is producing a prototype application for the universal Groth16 verifier circuit to batch WorldID proof verification. One of the major onchain costs of the Worldcoin onchain infrastructure is verifying Semaphore inclusion proofs within World ID, and proof aggregation is an important tool to help amortize the verification cost.

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Proof of Passport 

Proof of Passport aims at building a reliable framework for electronic passports verification that can be used by applications in the Worldcoin ecosystem.

Proof of Passport will work together with Worldcoin contributing teams to explore different ways in which onchain, verifiable identity can exist. 

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Farcaster Humaniser 

Farcaster Humanizer is an authentication layer for applications built on the Farcaster, designed to verify the humanity of accounts. Applications that adopt Farcaster Humanizer will be able to verify the humaness of their users allowing them to create bot-free social spaces. 

More on Farcaster Humaniser.


Alphaday provides highly customizable dashboards and a seamless interface for effortless navigation of the Web3 world, including DeFi, NFTs, Crypto, and more. Their mission is to bring you all the tools needed to follow your favorite projects, stay up-to-date with the latest narratives, and use your favorite dapps, all from the comfort of one easy-to-use customizable dashboard. They will work on a Worldcoin ecosystem dashboard that aggregates all relevant information into a single community dashboard.

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Only Dust 

OnlyDust is a platform onboarding developers to blockchain ecosystems through open-source contributions. 

They will work with Worldcoin contributing teams to attract new builders by connecting them with active Worldcoin projects, starting from WorldID bridge integrations for prominent L2s making proving humaness with WorldID available in several major EVM compatible ecosystems.

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Encode Club 

Encode Club is a global community of top developers, professionals, and talented students in Emerging Tech. Through leading educational programs such as hackathons, bootcamps, and accelerators we help you advance your career and work with transformative companies.
In coordination with Worldcoin core contributors, they will create a 8-week Worldcoin educational series featuring live workshops and YouTube content to reach and educate thousands globally.

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Wormhole is an interoperability platform powering multichain applications and bridges at scale. The team will work on enabling cross-chain WorldID verification on Solana. By bringing WorldID to Solana, they equip the Solana ecosystem with a much needed tool that allows them to prove humanness.

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The zkSnap protocol revolutionizes governance systems with secure, private and scalable voting. It empowers democratic decision-making, boosting user participation by ensuring privacy while preventing collusion.

The zkSnap team will work closely with the Worldcoin contributors and community to further develop the protocol and explore use cases in the Worldcoin ecosystem. 

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The TACEO team after achieving significant progress in the Multi-Party Computation (MPC) during Wave0, that led to the secure deletion of Worldcoin’s previous iris code system, will continue to work closely with the Worldcoin contributing teams.

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Cometh will use the resources provided by the Wave1 grant to create a mobile native library for integrating Passkeys, ERC-4337, and Safe smart accounts into the World Chain wallets (e.g. World App) on both iOS and Android platforms.

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Herodotus team has created a powerful data access middleware that provides smart contracts with synchronous access to current and historical on-chain data across Ethereum layers. By utilizing storage proofs they enable a variety of onchain use cases. 

Working closely with the Worldcoin contributors they will bring trustless cross-chain and historical data access to World Chain via Storage Proofs enabling a multitude of applications. 

More on Herodotus.

World Poll

World Poll is a one-step secure, incentivised global poling platform using World ID for authentic, real-time feedback and engagement with communities around the world.

The World Poll team will work closely with the Worldcoin contributors and community to provide a useful tool that can be used in a multitude of ways. 

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In the coming months they will work closely with the Worldcoin Foundation contributors to conduct research & workshops to propose a detailed governance framework and roadmap for Worldcoin’s decentralization.

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Fuzzing Labs 

Fuzzing Labs team, in close collaboration with Worldcoin contributing teams will work on enhancing OP-TEE security in the Worldcoin Orb ensuring the integrity and protection of biometric data and transaction process for users. 

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Satori will work on batch verification of World ID proofs. By creating faster, scalable, cheaper ways to do proof aggregation, it cuts down costs, improves the user experience and allows the network to scale multiple orders of magnitude with no single point of failure.

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BBB & Company 

BBB, an orb operator, provides "CryptoBar P2P", a community space for cryptocurrency and technology enthusiasts in the heart of Tokyo.

By organizing unofficial Worldcoin meetups across Japan, they aim to showcase specific use cases for World ID and promote the adoption of World ID and Worldcoin.

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