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World App

The first Worldcoin wallet, designed to bring digital identity & global finance to all.

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World App, the first wallet for the Worldcoin ecosystem, is launching today. It’s designed to be friendly, and it supports private digital identity and a new financial system. You can use it to authenticate with World ID to prove you’re a real person, get your Worldcoin tokens and send digital money anywhere.

After extensive development and beta testing in a limited number of countries, we’re excited to share Phase I of World App and to make it globally available for the first time. Over time, it will evolve into a toolkit to empower individuals in the Age of AI, enabling the usage of proof of personhood, the equitable global distribution of digital currencies and ultimately a path to AI-funded UBI.

You can download it here.

Designed for everyone

World App is a different kind of wallet. It doesn’t support every token or functionality crypto has to offer, and it doesn’t expose every possible configuration. Instead, it is designed by TFH to focus on a handful of key functionalities of Worldcoin and Ethereum to keep things simple and familiar so anyone can use them.

Prove your personhood with World ID

It starts with World ID, your human passport to access the new online services. Verify it privately with an Orb, and then use it to seamlessly sign in to websites, mobile apps and crypto dapps proving you’re a unique and real person without sharing personal data like names or email addresses.


Fig 1:

World ID lives locally on user’s smartphones, and each one features a unique design to reflect their individuality.

Claim Worldcoin grants

People in eligible countries can also use it to get their Worldcoin Grants every month*. The app will remind you when a new grant becomes available and you can claim it using your verified World ID.


Fig 2:

Worldcoin Grants are recurring stipends available to any verified person with a World ID for free in eligible countries*.

During the beta phase grants are distributed in a weekly cycle, which is expected to shift to a monthly schedule after the launch of Worldcoin later this year.

* Worldcoin tokens are not intended to be available to individuals or companies who are residents of, or are located, incorporated or have a registered agent in, the United States or other restricted territories.

Save and send digital money

Use the wallet to save digital dollars with multiple options to deposit and withdraw using bank accounts, local payment methods, or nearby agents. You can also instantly send them to friends or family members around the world using their phone contact or crypto address, for free.


Fig 3:

Fully-backed stablecoins by licensed providers enable digital money in World App, starting with Circle’s USDC.

Explore and use crypto

Learn about Ethereum and Bitcoin—with more tokens coming soon—and earn a bit of them in the process. Track your balances, get notified with major changes and easily trade with decentralized exchanges.


Fig 4:

World App currently supports WETH, WBTC, DAI, USDC, and Beta WLD. Track tokens over time, monitor their standings, learn about them, and easily trade with decentralized exchanges.

Powered by Ethereum, supercharged by World ID

Previously, a global identity and finance app would have required decades to build and thousands of people to maintain. However, with Ethereum’s composability, World App can programatically mix and match open protocols and APIs to make this a reality today.

World App wallets use account abstraction through SAFE contracts to increase security and simplicity. Peer-to-peer payments support ENS usernames for friendlier ERC-20 transfers. Token trading is available through the Uniswap protocol. Circle’s USDC enables users around the world to have always-on access to a fully-backed digital dollar. Frictionless deposits and withdrawals are enabled by licensed partners around the world, including Ramp and MoonPay. The beta is currently running on Polygon, and thanks to the work of the community on EIP-4844, the full version will run on an Ethereum rollup.

Proof of Personhood enables even more features for enhanced accessibility. Verified World ID holders can enjoy gas-free transactions, peace of mind transfers to verified users, access learn to earn courses and contact priority 24/7 chat support in English, Spanish and Portuguese.


Fig 5:

World App users can privately verify their World ID with an Orb device. Available locations around the world can be found through the application itself.

Built for all, without compromises

World App does not require any personal information, and any data you choose to share in the app can be deleted with the tap of a button. As a client for World ID, World App also runs all the required cryptography locally to fulfill the privacy commitments of the protocol. Importantly, World ID and wallet keys are self-custodial, and users can choose to back up their keys (encrypted) to Google Drive or iCloud for syncing and recovery.

The native iOS and Android apps are also engineered to maximize inclusivity. At around 18MB, they’re 5x smaller than the industry average. They are localized to multiple languages and support most active smartphones in the world (98.2% of Androids and 94.5% of iPhones to be precise), including some more than 10 years old.

Multiple components are already open source, and more will be in the months ahead.

Looking ahead

Since its initial debut, 1.5 million people have joined the World App pre-release, more than 500,000 of which use it every month. On a typical day, it sees around 60,000 transactions and 25,000 World ID checks among other actions from over 100,000 people in a handful of countries. Today we’re excited to introduce Phase I of World App, and to make it globally available for the first time.


Fig 6:

Number of people using World App every month during the pre-release period.

Fulfilling Worldcoin’s mission of giving everyone access to the global economy will take many teams innovating across a variety of wallets for diverse use-cases and users. We are excited for the role World App is playing in this journey by providing a different take on simple – yet powerful – tools uniquely enabled by decentralized technologies to solve privacy preserving identity including Proof-of-Personhood, access to internet-native financial services, equitable global distribution of digital currencies, governance of public goods, and ultimately a path to AI-funded UBI.

If you are excited by World App’s approach to bring Worldcoin and Ethereum to billions around the world, please consider contributing directly on Github and Discord, or joining an engineering, design or product team at TFH.

Download World App.


The above content speaks only as of the date indicated. Further, it is subject to risks, uncertainties and assumptions, and so may be incorrect and may change without notice. A full disclaimer can be found in our Terms of Use and Important User Information can be found on our Risks page.

* Worldcoin tokens are not intended to be available to individuals or companies who are residents of, or are located, incorporated or have a registered agent in, the United States or other restricted territories.