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Circulating supply update: Trading firm loan agreements extension

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Worldcoin aims to provide the tools humanity needs to prepare for the age of AI. Today, more than 5.4 million people have an orb-verified World ID, a secure and private digital passport that allows individuals to prove they are human online. To date, more than 167 million WLD in user grants have been claimed in countries where regulations allow, which constitutes the majority of the 223 million WLD currently in circulation.

On December 16, 2023, World Assets Ltd. (a subsidiary of the Worldcoin Foundation) entered into loan agreements with five trading firms operating outside of the US. Collectively, the five entities received loans of 10M WLD. Those loans are due to expire on or around June 14, 2024. 

World Assets Ltd. has elected to extend the term of the loan agreements for one year, until June 14, 2025, leaving all other terms of the agreements unchanged. Thus, the 10M WLD on loan with the trading firms will continue to be part of the circulating supply for the foreseeable future.  At the expiry of this extended term, each trading firm will be required to return its loan in full.

Availability: Worldcoin (WLD) tokens are not available to or intended for people, companies or organizations who are residents of, or are located or incorporated in the United States or certain other restricted territories (or have beneficial ownership in the United States or such other restricted territories). However, World ID, Tools for Humanity’s World App, and other associated functionalities within the Worldcoin ecosystem remain available in the United States. For more details, go to: www.worldcoin.org/tos


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