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How to Find the Best Crypto News

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Staying (fully informed) on crypto can be challenging. Not only does the news surrounding cryptocurrency change by the minute, but it can also be difficult to determine reputable crypto resources. Many crypto influencers spread information online without proper fact-checking.

While there are no objective best crypto news websites, a few publications have gained credibility in the industry. If you’re interested in the Web3 ecosystem, you should know how to pick reliable sources for crypto updates. 

Why check crypto news sources?

Crypto holders should track their favorite tokens to understand updates about their assets, so they can know any projects to get involved in or limit exposure. Unbiased crypto news sites also alert about potential scams and hacks. Unfortunately, cryptocurrency is rife with many security issues like pump-and-dump schemes, cyberattacks, and company bankruptcies. Being the first to know about these concerns can help you better protect your coins and tokens. 

However, you don't need to be a crypto holder to gain insights from a crypto news website. Even if you’re just interested in technology, you may enjoy reading crypto news to learn about topics like Web3 and blockchain. Many crypto news sites also have education portals to gain a general overview of cryptocurrency. 

Reading articles on reliable crypto news outlets is a risk-free way to explore this new industry. If you're unsure about purchasing in crypto, you can use these resources on news websites to gauge your comfort with this technology. You can learn about various aspects of the crypto ecosystem on news websites, which can help you make informed decisions on when, how, and if you should jump into this space. 

How to choose reputable crypto resources

Every crypto news outlet claims to be reputable, but many turn out to be scams. So how can you tell a sham crypto site from a legitimate news portal? Similar to screening any news publication, you must pay careful attention to who's behind a crypto website. Here are a few tips to check a news website’s credibility:  

  1. Watch for biased language: Besides opinion pieces, a crypto news site should take an unbiased stance toward whatever stories it covers. Keep an eye out for suspiciously promotional or biased language when reading news pieces. 
  2. Double-check any claims in the resources tab: If a crypto news website makes a bold claim, it should have the sources to back it up. You shouldn't need to look far for secondary resources to the data presented in a crypto news post.  
  3. Check the website's primary source of funds: Scan for a potential conflict of interest by finding out who's funding the crypto news site. Make a note of any crypto companies tied to a news site, and look for disclaimers in articles. 
  4. Steer clear of crypto social media: Although it's less likely you'll find unbiased coverage of the crypto industry on a crypto influencer's social media feed, always be extra suspicious if you run across crypto news on sites like Twitter, Discord, and Telegram. 
  5. Review the profile of each crypto journalist: Take time to scan the journalists and editors on your crypto news site's team. You shouldn't have difficulty finding information on each crypto author's background. 
  6. Look into the track record of the news sites: Research how long your crypto news site has been in operation and its reputation. Also, look at the number of subscribers of each news outlet to gauge its trustworthiness in the crypto community. 
  7. Always use more than one source: No matter how reputable your crypto news site is, relying on one source of information is never ideal. Refer to a few crypto news websites to verify you're receiving accurate data. 

What are the best crypto news websites?

Choosing the "best" cryptocurrency news websites is highly subjective, but here are a few crypto news websites that have a reputation for reporting somewhat unbiased news (at the time of writing). This is subject to change, but following these sources are known to be somewhat reputable.

Note: All these are arranged in alphabetical order.  

Bitcoin Magazine

Bitcoin Magazine has played an integral role in the history of cryptocurrency. Not only was this the earliest major Bitcoin news site dedicated to spreading BTC awareness, but it was also co-created by Ethereum's lead developer Vitalik Buterin. First published in 2012, Bitcoin Magazine continues to release many crypto news and opinion articles, most of which focus on BTC. 

Although Bitcoin Magazine reports on altcoins (non-Bitcoin cryptos), it has a pro-Bitcoin focus. Bitcoin Magazine is now a part of the Nashville company B.TC, which is responsible for organizing events like Bitcoin Miami and Bitcoin Amsterdam. 

Bitcoin.com News

Many holders and corporations have owned the "Bitcoin.com" domain name, but it's most closely associated with the early BTC adopter Roger Ver. Although Bitcoin.com still highlights Bitcoin news, you’ll find many articles on other aspects of crypto, including NFTs (non-fungible tokens), Ethereum, and DeFi (decentralized finance). Bitcoin.com also offers a suite of crypto services and products, including a Bitcoin wallet and a decentralized exchange (DEX)


Launched in the early ‘90s, Bloomberg is a large multinational news organization created by Michael Bloomberg and Matthew Winkler. While Bloomberg doesn't solely cover crypto news, it has a large division dedicated to this field. Bloomberg's crypto portal covers all aspects of the emerging crypto industry, and the company offers subscribers a biweekly crypto news report.  


CoinDesk has been publishing crypto news since 2013, and it now has an average monthly readership of about 13 million. Given its long history and large size, CoinDesk has become a go-to source for crypto-related news. This site is also famous for hosting the annual Consensus Event, which remains one of the most attended blockchain festivals.

In 2016, the Connecticut-based Digital Currency Group bought CoinDesk. In addition to CoinDesk, Digital Currency Group manages crypto projects like Genesis and Grayscale Investments. 


The Malaysia-based company CoinGecko is one of the most visited crypto price aggregator websites. You can also find plenty of crypto news on CoinGecko's site or mobile app. In addition to publishing news in-house, CoinGecko re-directs readers to prominent stories in other publications like CoinTelegraph, CoinDesk, and Bitcoin.com. 


Not much is known about CoinMarketCap's reclusive founder Brandon Chez. However, everyone involved in crypto knows about this coin price aggregator site. 

Created in 2013, CoinMarketCap now has roughly 83 million monthly page visits, making it the most visited site for crypto price estimates. Like CoinGecko, CoinMarketCap has a news division that links to many prominent headlines on other reputable sites. It also hosts the Alexandria portal, which features many educational crypto articles.

Note: The centralized crypto exchange Binance bought CoinMarketCap for $400 million in 2020. 


Similar to CoinDesk, CoinTelegraph began operations in 2013, and it's frequently considered one of the most reputable crypto news websites. Now a part of the CoinTelegraph Media Group, CoinTelegraph publishes multiple articles each day on crypto news, price analysis, and general education. 

CoinTelegraph also publishes many influential crypto opinion pieces and educational articles in its Cryptopedia portal. Current estimates suggest CoinTelegraph welcomes some 3 million unique visitors every month. 


Founded in 2018, Decrypt is a relative newcomer in the crypto news sphere, but it enjoys financial backing from a significant Web3 company: ConsenSys. Based in New York, ConsenSys is responsible for the successful MetaMask crypto wallet. Although Decrypt openly admits ConsenSys funds its operations, it strives to maintain editorial independence in its crypto reporting.

Decrypt's writers aim to simplify complex crypto topics to help everyone understand Web3. In addition to news, Decrypt publishes regular podcasts, educational guides, and in-depth articles in its Rollup segment. 


Like Bloomberg, Forbes is a high-profile business publication based in the United States. While this financial magazine is best known for its Rich List, it covers many economic topics in print media and online. 

You can find many articles detailing the cryptocurrency sector in Forbes' "Crypto & Blockchain" segment. While Forbes isn't a crypto-specific publication, its reputation in the financial industry makes it a top news source for many interested in crypto topics. 

Other ways to stay abreast in crypto

As media continues to evolve, there has been a shift to media modalities, including videos, podcasts, social media pages, and blogs. Since many of these are less-established, viewing these with the lens of potential bias is a good idea. However, as they are more personal, they sometimes can offer a more authentic and less-corporate view into the space. Additionally, as each person learns differently, learning via podcast or video may be a better way for you to absorb content. 

Wrapping up

Although finding the best crypto news website is an individual choice, there are definitely credible sources to help you understand the cryptocurrency ecosystem. One such source is Worldcoin. 

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