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Minecraft servers have always dealt with "griefing" -- users or bots who are only joining to ruin the experience for others. With Worldcoin's Minecraft server mod, server admins can issue roles with existing permissions systems like LuckPerms to prevent players from performing certain actions until they verify with World ID.

How It Works

A Minecraft server admin installs the Worldcoin server mod alongside LuckPerms and any other mods the server uses. They'll configure a LuckPerms role with the permissions they want to issue to players who verify with World ID. When a player joins the server, they can type a command (like "/verify") in the chat, and they'll be presented with a link to the integration's website. The player will verify with World ID, and then they'll be granted that server's role and its associated permissions!

How to Connect

To install the World ID app on your server, visit the mod listing by clicking "Use Integration" above. Ensure LuckPerms is already installed on your server. Download the JAR file to your server's "plugins" folder, and start the server to create the default config file for the World ID Mod. Stop your server and open the "plugins/WorldId/config.yml" file. Set the LuckPerms group names to issue for users based on their Verification Level, and ensure you set the permissions for those groups in LuckPerms as well. Start your server, let players join, and type the "/verify" command to verify with your World ID!

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Your Worldcoin App

Do you have idea where World ID technology will be useful? Let us know and we will take a look at it as soon as possible.