Community And Social


The SocialFi “Yay!” has provided a place where everyone can belong to over 8 million users since its release in January 2020. Its users connect based on shared interests, manage their own smaller communities, and can enjoy chatting on group calls while playing their favorite video games. With World ID integration, Yay! will enhance user account security by verifying the individuals and preventing unauthorized access and fake accounts created by bots

How it works

Users can connect and store the World ID account when logging or creating a new account in Yay! In addition, Yay! is planning to reward Word ID verified users in Yay! through coming up campaigns until its token generation E, further incentivizing secure and authentic interactions within our community.

How to connect

You can use your World ID to sign up for a new account on Yay! or connect your existing Yay! account to World ID. We support World ID connection on both Yay! app and Yay! web platforms, ensuring a seamless and secure experience across all your devices.

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Your Worldcoin App

Do you have idea where World ID technology will be useful? Let us know and we will take a look at it as soon as possible.