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Galxe World ID Credential


Galxe is the leading web3 infrastructure and digital credential network, empowering seamless web3 experiences through modular AI, digital identity, and blockchain technologies. Central to the ecosystem, the Galxe Identity Protocol provides a foundational layer for secure and self-sovereign digital identity management. Alongside the protocol, Galxe’s product suite–Galxe Quest, Galxe Passport, Galxe Score, Galxe Compass, and Alva–supports the development of next generation web3 applications. With a vibrant community of over 18 million active users and partnerships with 5,000 brands, Galxe has proven itself as a pioneer and leader in fostering community growth, enhancing user interactions, and providing advanced digital identity solutions. Dedicated to making web3 accessible to all, Galxe serves end-users and developers worldwide.

How it works

Central to our mission of facilitating Web3 accessibility and utility while empowering digital privacy, World ID’s proof of humanness enables Galxe users to privately authenticate into web, mobile, and decentralized applications, unlocking the world of Web3 with the maximum level of assurance in data security and privacy. World ID can be used to ensure individuals only complete each quest once.

How to connect

Using the World ID developer API, Galxe is now integrated with World ID, a secure, permissionless identity protocol that empowers millions of individuals to prove their humanness online while preserving their privacy

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