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Worldcoin's Reddit integration gives moderators of Subreddits the ability to issue specific user flairs to members who verify with World ID. This allows members of that Subreddit to clearly identify users known to be unique humans, greatly improving trust and safety in their community.

How it works

After adding the World ID Bot as a moderator to a Subreddit and configuring the new user flair, the moderator will receive a verification link to share with their Subreddit's members. When a member follows that link, they'll be prompted to verify with World ID. After verifying, the user flair will be automatically applied to that member's profile!

How to connect

Setting up Worldcoin's Reddit integration is simple. Sign In with Reddit on, select the Subreddit for the integration, configure the user flair, and share the given verification link in the selected Subreddit!

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Do you have idea where World ID technology will be useful? Let us know and we will take a look at it as soon as possible.