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How to build with Worldcoin

Worldcoin is building the world's largest human identity and financial network with the support of a global community of developers.

Using World ID, a privacy preserving identity protocol that lets anyone digitally prove they’re a unique human, developers have a powerful way to prevent bots and enable their users to demonstrate their verified proof of personhood. 

But how can you get started building with Worldcoin?

Building with World ID

The World ID protocol is open source and permissionless, which means that anyone can build with it using the World ID software development kit.

To get started, read the docs and create your account in the Worldcoin Dev Portal.

The World ID SDK makes web, mobile and on-chain integrations fast and simple. It includes a web widget (JS), Developer Portal, development simulator, examples, guides and more. 

World ID is also designed to support existing open identity standards. It currently supports OAuth 2.0 and OIDC (OpenID Connect), and support for other emerging identity standards will continue.

Why build with World ID?

World ID gives builders a powerful solution for verifying users are human while protecting against bots. This is essential in protecting against Sybil attacks. The simple human verification offered by “Sign in with Worldcoin” means devs can collect only what’s necessary from users to access their service.

World ID also enables users to maintain their privacy across apps and services. When signing in with Worldcoin, a person’s World ID, app accounts, PoP verifications and wallets are not linked together. No one, not even Worldcoin contributors or app developers, can track them across websites, identify the World ID connected to the account or generally know more about the person. 

Learn more about privacy at Worldcoin here.

What's next?

Global PoP solutions like World ID could unlock a new generation of products and services, including:

  • Social networks. Bot protection, community moderation, content attribution
  • Voting. DAO governance, elections, online polls
  • Financial services. Undercollateralized lending, card fraud, compliance
  • Customer incentives. Loyalty programs, coupons, referrals, free trials
  • Marketplaces. Reputation, fake reviews, fake transactions, scalper prevention
  • Money distribution. Social programs, development assistance, disaster relief, non-profit aid, scholarships, crypto airdrops, UBI

Their success, however, depends on a vibrant and diverse developer community providing for their scalability, usability and utility through building useful third-party applications.

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