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Worldcoin increases access to cutting edge proof of personhood tech in Germany

The Worldcoin project is increasing World ID access in Germany as the need for a reliable proof of personhood solution in the age of AI becomes more evident worldwide. 

Since September, World ID verifications have been available in a limited capacity at XPERION Berlin, a revolutionary new gaming experience center located in the heart of the German capital. Based on the popularity of the pilot, verifications are being extended through December, and Orbs—the custom imaging device that verifies a person’s unique humanness—will be available to visitors of the Saturn store at Alexanderplatz. 

World ID allows individuals to digitally demonstrate their uniqueness and humanness while enhancing their privacy online. These kinds of proof of personhood solutions offer a critical safeguard to defend against manipulation by fake identities and bots, also known as a sybil attack. They’re also becoming increasingly important in the gaming world, where bots are often the first sign of online fraud and cheating. 


Preview of World ID verification booth at XPERION Berlin

Germany at the forefront of privacy and proof of personhood technology

World ID verification access in Saturn is not the only connection between the Worldcoin project and Germany. Core components of the project—including the Orb—were designed and engineered at TFH’s German headquarters in Erlangen. Another TFH office can be found in Berlin. The Orb is also manufactured in Germany, similar to many other state of the art optical technologies found in leading consumer and medical products. 

“We are no longer alone on the Internet,” TFH CEO and Worldcoin co-founder Alex Blania told Forbes Germany in September. “Human verification online will only continue to become more important.” 

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You can also find other important information concerning the project in the Worldcoin protocol whitepaper


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